About me
Runner for many years and a programming enthusiast, I have long used an Excel file to store my results.
But the inherent limitations (portability, scalability ...) and the lack of functions on existing sites led me to develop my own site.

So I designed this site from a single perspective: "That everyone can freely choose the sports they wish to follow. and focus the comparison with oneself with a limited number of parameters. "

The parameters that we enter are therefore all queryable: "We can easily do a search to find how many km since a given date or with x criteria."

Far from the professional sites you all know, my notebook only requires a watch and an idea of ​​the distance & / or elevation to start entering its results. But you can also inform your activities by GPX file.

The site is designed above all for sports where distance is the essential component, however it is also possible to enter sports that have only duration such as for example muscle strengthening sessions or other activity than the we practice regularly.

The site can also be used on mobile devices.

Finally, I wanted this site to be completely free: For this, the storage of GPX is currently limited to 20MB per user.